Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Creating a Welcoming Entryway

Happy Fixer Upper night! I hope you all are having a great start to your week! With Monday being the first day of Spring, I am in full "BRING ON THE WARM WEATHER" mode! For real, I am so ready for having the windows open and warm summer nights. Even though yesterday was the first day of Spring, I have been preparing our house for a few weeks now.  I think I had the bright spring flowers in my house since...umm January? Whoops! Oh well! For this post I thought I would share a few ideas to style up your entryway. You really don't need anything fancy, so grab a cup of coffee or whatever floats your boat and get comfy! :)

Now, you might be thinking, "I don't even have a space for an entryway in my home!" Well, we don't either...really. I kind of made a little area of my own to call "our entryway". Behind our front door was an empty wall that was just kind of awkward to decorate. I could never get it just right. I found this old window in my Pappy's barn that I knew I wanted to use for something. I had the window in a few different spots and then I got the idea to add hooks, turn it into a coatrack, and create a little entryway space. The hooks took about 5 minutes to add. There was really nothing to it! You can see in the picture below that we don't really have a defined entryway. 

I knew I needed something underneath the window to provide a bit of balance to this small space. I was on a mission to find a bench! I checked out a few different antique stores before finding this small black bench at Black Rose Antiques for about 30 bucks! I knew it would be perfect! 

I wanted to share a bit more entryway inspiration with you! I really think you can turn any space, big or small into a beautiful entryway! 

Sarah from Little Vintage Nest always gives me so much inspiration! I love everything about her home, especially this Spring inspired entryway. Sarah posted how she created this gorgeous little entryway in just one afternoon! Check out the post here Instagram: @littlevintagenest

{Photo: Sarah- Little Vintage Nest}

I love Aly's entryway for so many reasons! It fits the space by the stairs perfectly, and I just love the simplicity! Find Aly on Instagram for more home decor inspiration @thedowntownaly 

{Photo: Aly- The Downtown Aly}

Liz over at Love Grows Wild also gives me all kind of feels! I love her home! I especially love this entryway because she used the pre-existing trim to create a little entryway. So simple and a perfect addition to this space! Instagram @lizlovegrowswild

{Photo: Liz- Love Grows Wild}
I love Instagram for so many reasons! Not only do I get inspiration from all of the talented people sharing their home, but I have also made a few new friends. Dale Marie has become such an inspiration to me. She is also so supportive of my little Instagram journey. Her entryway is so stunning! I love how she added those hook racks to create the perfect entryway! Instagram @bloomingdiyer

{Photo: Dale Marie @bloomingdiyer}

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I am so thankful that these amazingly talented ladies share their homes and provide me with so much inspiration for my own home. I would love to see how you style up your entryway! Thank you all SO MUCH for your continued support! Your sweet comments truly brighten my days!