Monday, March 6, 2017

Bathroom Makeover

Ok, I know it's Monday and they are usually, well, you know, Mondays. Butttt, I am SO EXCITED to finally share our bathroom makeover with you! Whew, I am so happy that we finally made it to the finish line. After having a half finished bathroom for three years, I was more than ready for a refresh! I have to say, I am over the moon with how this bathroom turned out. We do not have a very large bathroom and I just feel like it feels so much larger now that we updated a few things! 

Just to remind you what our bathroom looked like before...Like I said, our bathroom is not very large. Because of that, the dark walls just made the space feel gloomy and even smaller. It's kind of hard to see, but the vanity was also black, which contributed to the overall "darkness" of the space. Our thick shower curtain also prohibited any light from coming into the bathroom (remember from my last post that our only window is in the shower?!). Also, our tile was in place, but not grouted, and we just never got around to putting in trim.

And...our bathroom after. Light, airy, and fresh! We added a light paint color to the walls (see below for room details), and repainted the vanity gray. I also switched out the shower curtain for a lighter one and removed the curtain from the window inside of the shower. Guys, believe it or not, I found that large mirror at a yard sale when I was in college. Do you want to guess how much I paid for that sucker??? 5 bucks! Yep, it's crazy! It has more of a rough look and fits this space perfectly. 

My personalized sign from my bestie, Jordan Lippy over at Live Life Lettered: Hand Lettering by Jordan Lippy. Guys, I'm telling you, she is amazing! Check out her page! 

Guys, thanks so much for following along on this little bathroom update! I seriously can't even believe how much different our bathroom looks and feels. After 3, almost 4 years in our home, we finally have a bathroom that we love! 

6.  Valspar Paint Villa Gray -used on walls (Lowe's)

7. Valspar Paint City Storm- used on vanity (Lowe's)