Saturday, February 25, 2017

Taking Risks

Hello, hello! I'm so happy you're here today! We have been working on freshening up our bathroom a bit over the last few days and I am SO ready for that project to be finished. I'll be posting a blog about that soon! :) A big thanks goes out to my awesome husband for spending his days off grouting tile, putting in trim, sanding, and everything else! I'm so excited to share the big reveal with all of you sweet people, so stay tuned!

For today's post I want to talk about taking risks. If you really start to think about it we take risks each and every day. Whether those risks are big or small, we truly do encounter a situation where we take a risk every single day. So why is it that those risks are sometimes so darn scary when other times they seem so mindless? I think the answer is control...or lack there of.

Over the past few months I have really started to find a peace of mind knowing that I am not in control. I was reminded of this when our washer stopped working the other day and I found myself crying on our kitchen floor saying, "Why us?! Why now?!" Now I know it is not the end of the world that our washer decided to bite the dust, and I'm sure you're also thinking that this has nothing to do with taking risks. However, my point here is that I had to accept the fact that this situation was 100% out of my control. It didn't matter what I said, how mad I got, or how much I cried, the situation was not going to change. It was out of my control.

I think the same goes with taking risks. We must be able to accept that we are not in control and that there is a plan for us. I always refer back to this little blog and my home decor journey on Instagram. I took a big risk. I put myself, my home, my words, and basically my life out there for all to see. Did I know that this entire situation could end up being like our poor washer? I sure did! But if I never would have taken that initial risk I would have never experienced the joy that this little blog has brought to me. I have met new friends and have had people reach out to me who I have not talked to in years.  It has truly been a blessing!

I think the same goes with teaching. I was commuting 40+ minutes to and from my job each day. I knew we wanted to start a family soon (don't get too excited mom) and the commute was really starting to get to me. I also knew I wanted to work in a community where I grew up.  I knew making a move was the right choice for me. Was it scary? YOU BET! I was happy in my old district and met SO many amazing people. But I knew in my heart what I needed to do. And if you have ever applied for a teaching job, you know how INTENSE the entire process is. It was just about a year ago when I landed an amazing job, in an amazing district, where I met more amazing people. I should also add that this risk I took of applying for a new job didn't exactly work out the first time around. I was disappointed and didn't understand the "why" at the time, but now I know it was because I was supposed to end up exactly where I am today. 

I really see life as being all about risks. All about doing what you feel in your heart is right for you. Will you be doing things that are totally and completely terrifying? Probably. Heck, I'll admit that I'm still working on being ok with this! But I think deep down that gut feeling is usually the right one in the end. Thank you all for listening to my little heart to heart blog post today! You are all amazing and I'm thankful for all of you who are making this risk worth it! ;)