Sunday, February 12, 2017

Small Changes to Freshen Up a Space

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I went out with my girlfriends last night for a nice, relaxing girl's night! Don't you wish you could hang out with your girls all of the time? I sure do! 

Anyway, I have had some questions from people who are looking to freshen things up a bit in their home. Honestly, I think these cloudy winter days are the perfect time to switch up decor and CLEAR OUT! I have never been this way, but literally two days after Christmas was over I was ready to put my Christmas decor away and de-clutter. I thought I would share a few ideas to freshen up your space during these cold winter months. Again, I am not an expert, but hopefully some of my suggestions will help you out. :) 

1. Simplify 

One of the first things I did after putting my Christmas decor away was focus on the simplicity of my decor. I tend to go a bit overboard with the Christmas decor and my house always feels empty when I put all of my decorations away. However, this year there was something about the simplicity of the decor that stuck with me. I am a neutral girl (as you can see in all of my pictures), so when I went through my regular decor again I tried to use as much of my neutral decor as possible with pops of greenery to bring in the color. I think the decor looks simple, clean, and ready for a new year!

2. Lighten Up Your Accents (curtains, rugs, pillows, and blankets) 

Ok, if I did not have a big, black dog, I would so have a lighter couch. Maybe one day. A girl can dream right? Buttttt, because my couch is brown, I really try to lighten it up with the accents around it. I use white/cream/taupe/ivory colored pillows and blankets. I feel like it really brightens up my couch and doesn't make it feel so dark. 

Curtains are another small change that can make a big difference. My current curtains in the living room were found at Lowes on clearance for $14.00. I could not believe it! I really wanted to give the illusion that my windows were a bit larger since we only have two in our living room. The lighter curtains make the room feel lighter and more spacious. 

Rugs are another big statement piece in your home. My husband probably wants to kill me because I have had about 5 different rugs in my living room since we have lived in our home! Yikes! I just could not find one that I loved. I finally found a jute rug at Lowes that I instantly fell in love with. I am now kind of obsessed with jute rugs. It is the perfect shade that doesn't show dog hair as easily and I love the contrast of color with some of my lighter accents. We also have a darker floor in our living room, so I needed something to lighten it up. 

3. Add Florals 

Florals are my guilty pleasure. I LOVE adding florals to my home. Thank goodness my cousin works at Hobby Lobby and can tell me when their stems are 50% off! ;) I think floral accents can completely transform a space. It adds simple texture and a pop of color. Remember how I said I was a neutral girl? Well, to balance the lighter colors, I add florals. Some of my favorite florals are the lamb's ear stems, small boxwood trees, and some white florals with green leaves.

4. Paint Color

Although I can't sit here and say I love painting, I do love that it is a cheap way to freshen up a space. I would reccommend going with more of a neutral colored wall and bring in your pops of color in accents and decor. When we first moved into our home, our dining room was a bright minty green color (my husband picked it out). I knew I didn't really like the color because I felt like it limited what I could do with decor. I changed the color in our dining room to a lighter tan color  (I can't find the paint can to tell you the color! Boo!) and it made the biggest difference. I no longer feel limited to what I can do with my decor and it definitely feels more fresh and clean. 

I put together a sample space and thought I would share it with you today. Again, in no way am I an expert but I thought this look really captured that simple and fresh look. Thank you so much for your support! It means the world to me! 

      Possible Paint Colors: Revere Pewter, White Dove, Sea Salt- Benjamin Moore