Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Coffee Creamed Coffee Corner

Hello, Friends! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I feel like we should be sitting in a cute little cafe for a post that is all about coffee. However, my goal for this post is to completely eliminate that coffee shop run and bring that quaint coffee cafe into your own home! So get comfy, grab a cup of joe and let's go!

I never really thought much about having a coffee corner in my house. I had my Keurig sitting on my counter and shoved my 1,000,000 coffee mugs into my kitchen cabinets. The space worked just fine and there was really nothing wrong with it. However, once my bestie put together her own little coffee corner in her house, I knew I needed one! ;) Besides, coffee is like my favorite thing ever, so why not designate a space for it in my home?! 

I should also add that you don't necessarily need to buy anything fancy or go out and look for specific items when it comes to creating a coffee corner. Almost all of the items that I am going to be sharing with you today were found around my house.

1. Find a Small Table, Stand, or Dresser

For my coffee corner, I used a round table with folding sides that was given to us by Donnie's parents when we first moved into our home. It's a very small table so when I put the sides down it worked perfectly for the space. I also painted the pedestal white (are you surprised?) to freshen it up a bit. You could also use an old dresser, which would give you a bit more storage as well. If you do need to purchase a piece of furniture, check your local thrift stores. It might need a little TLC, but you can create something beautiful on your own without spending a ton of money on a brand new piece of furniture. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Jelly (Instagram: @the_rusticpallet

2. Display Your Mugs

One way to dress up your coffee corner is to display your mugs. I don't know about you, but I have a ton of cute coffee mugs. I think they make really great decorative pieces. I have seen SO many different ways to style mugs. I bought these cute black iron faucet hooks from Hobby Lobby. They were on sale and I think I paid around $2.00 per hook, which I think is a steal! You could also use a tiered tray or a small stand.

Photo Credit Nelly Friedel (Instagram: @nellyfriedel) 

3. Add a Few Alternate Decor Pieces

The great thing about a coffee corner is that it really decorates itself. The mugs, canisters, and coffee machine will take up a decent amount of space. You can add a few floral stems or mason jars with coffee beans to top it all off. I also added that vintage scale, which turned into a nice mug holder! :)

Thanks again for stopping by the blog today! I would love to hear what you think about the coffee corner. And if you decide to create a coffee corner in your home, I would love to see! :)