Sunday, December 4, 2016

If This is Wrong, I Don't Want to be Right

Happy Sunday to my sweet readers! I am happy to be back here writing after a week away. It's report card time,  so my mind has been a bit preoccupied with getting those finished up and squared away. And I'll just admit it, I have had a bit of writer's block. It's frustrating, annoying, and disappointing. Butttt, even if my words are just words today I'm going to give it a go with a short and sweet post...

Yesterday, I attended a birthday party and found myself having an interesting conversation with one of the other adults there. We were talking about our jobs and life in general. Then, we somehow got on the topic of our age. The first thing he said to me was, "You're so young, why aren't you out enjoying your life and going out on the weekends?" Now, in my head I was thinking he was right. I'm 25 years old and my Friday nights consist of being in bed by 9:45, and in reality it could be 6:30, but I feel like that would be extremely frowned upon, so I force myself to stay up those extra hours ;)

Yes, I am young. However, the truth is that nothing makes me happier than coming home after a long week of work to my little family, plopping on the couch and just enjoying the night together. I would rather change into my comfy clothes, order food in (usually from Alfredo's Pizza II - Thanks Joanne!) and just relax. I have become such a homebody over the past year and to be honest, I'm more than ok with that. 

Never in my life did I think I would become a homebody. When I was younger I never wanted to be home. I always wanted to go shopping, go to the pool, play outside, and always wanted to have sleepovers away from home. I think my mom can attest to all of that. She would always say that there was so much to do around the house and that we didn't NEED to go anywhere. You know that phrase, "You'll understand when you're older" Yeah...

Being 25, in pjs, eating greasy food, and drinking an adult beverage (for me most nights it would be coffee) at 7:00 on a Friday night may not be the coolest thing ever, but it's my kind of cool and it's my kind of happiness. And if this post is wrong for a 25 year old, then I don't want to be right!