Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Oldies but Goodies

Happy Wednesday! Thank you so much for all of the positive comments and support for my blog. I am thankful for each and every one of you! I am also thankful for coffee, sunshine, cool weather, positive thoughts, and weekends spent decorating our little home. I may have started decorating for Christmas last weekend. Eeek! I know-it's early. No tree yet, just wintery/Christmas decor. I thought I would share a few of my favorite things with you...the oldies but goodies! 

I shared this window as a part of my "Chip and Joanna...I mean Donnie and Mikaela" post because I absolutely love it! And the best part is that it was FREE. This window was packed away in my pappy's barn for years. Before my wedding I went looking for "junk" and came across an entire slew of old windows. I was in heaven! You can display the window as is and add some seasonal decor around it (see second photo), or dress it up a bit. Currently, one of my old windows is being used as our stocking holder. But most times it is used as a coat/hat rack. My husband picked up a few hooks from work and we just added them to the window. Like I say to my second graders... easy. peasy. lemon. squeezy! A quick and easy DIY project. 

The red chalkboard is another oldie but goodie! It has a large crack down the center, but hey, it still works and is so cute! I think I spent $5.00 on this at Black Rose Antiques. I change up the writing to go with the season...

Maddux is all about the old window, too ;) 
Most antique stores (around my area) have at least one booth with old windows. I just saw a bunch at Black Rose. They are usually very reasonably priced. However, keep an eye out for them along the side of the road as well. You might just be able to snag one up for free! 

When I have the time, I do enjoy diving into a good book. I just finished reading "The Girl on the Train" while I was "the girl on the plane" flying home from California. I highly recommend the book by the way. It was AMAZING from start to finish. I also enjoy decorating with books, particularly old books. In my opinion, they add a bit of character and uniqueness to your space. If you need height, try adding a few books underneath. I am no expert, but here are just a few ways I use old books in my home...

Again, I found all of my books at antique shops. I think I paid $0.75 or $1.00 per book. Crazy cheap! 

Hopefully some of my "oldies but goodies" have provided you with some inspiration! Happy decorating!