Saturday, November 26, 2016

DIY Wooden Signs

Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed each and every moment stuffing your bellies and spending time with your loved ones! I think I'm still full from Thursday... 

I am so excited to share these DIY wooden signs with you. This little DIY project was so fun because my friend, Nikki, and I decided to make a night out of crafting. DIY projects are always more fun when you share it with someone else! :) I am going to apologize in advance for some of the photos. The lighting was definitely not the best. 

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, we had found that the previous owner left a bunch of old pieces of wood. I wanted my husband to just get rid of them because we didn't have the room. He refused and put them out in our shed. THANK GOODNESS! He must have known that I would eventually take on more DIY projects! So, the wood pieces were FREE! 

Next, we used this Waverly Chalk Paint ($9.47) in Ivory from... are you ready.... WALMART (I love Walmart) and painted over the pieces of wood. I wasn't too worried about completely covering the wood or a smooth finish because I was going for more of a rustic look and knew I would be sanding over the wood later. We also had to purchase the chalk paint brushes ($8.78) , but thanks to my sweet Mama, she bought these goodies for me when we were out running errands. You really do not need a lot of this paint. A little goes a long way. You can also always just use regular white paint and paintbrushes. I knew I wanted to do a few more projects with the chalk paint which is why I chose that particular type of paint. 

Once the chalk paint dried, we were ready for the lettering. Nikki and I just printed our words from Microsoft Word. I used the Times New Roman Font for the "HOME" sign and just enlarged the print to 320. Each letter was printed on 1 sheet of paper (this might not be the case depending on the size of your letters). We cut out the letters, taped them to the wood, and traced over them with a pencil. 

Sorry for the terrible lighting!

Thanks to our super talented friend, Jordan Live Life Lettered: Hand Lettering by Jordan Lippy, we outlined the letters using the Painters pen in black before filling in the letters. Jordan recommended the super fine point for the outline and it worked perfectly! This also made filling in the letters so much easier. These were $1.99 at Walmart. Also, today is small business Saturday and Jordan is offering 15% off at her Etsy shop! This discount ends today, so check her out! :) 

Now, this next step will really be based on your preference. I filled in the rest of my letters with a fine tip paintbrush and black paint. Nikki decided to use the painter pen to fill in her letters. Both worked just fine! :) The paint that I used was from Walmart and I think I paid $0.88!

After the paint was dry, we were ready to sand. We were both going for more of a rustic look, so we sanded over the entire sign. We sanded a bit more around the edges to really make the signs pop (you can really see this effect on the coffee sign). We sprayed over the boards with finishing spray and we were DONE! :)